Conference Sessions

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Full session program – abstracts and bios
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10.45am – 11.35am

1.1 Red Empire: Soviet History for the 21st Century
Professor Mark Edele – School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne
1.2 Aftermath: The legacy of World War I for Australians
Professor Joan Beaumont – Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University

11.45am – 12.35pm

2.1 Cultural Anzackery
Martin Douglas, Corowa High School

Years 9 – 12
2.2 Taking the ‘Great Leap’ into China
Lani Blackman, Barrenjoey High School

Year 11 – 12
2.3 Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning
Alex Shain, Reconciliation Australia

All year levels
2.4 Successful History Teaching & Assessment, Requires Future Focused Education Approaches
Matthew Noonan, ACT HTA – ACT Education
Years 5 – 12
2.5 Khmer Rouge – ‘Dark Past and New Perspectives; Perpetrators or Victims.’
Paul Foley and Billy Penfold, HTASA & Student Educational Adventures11/12
Years 11 – 12
2.6 Achaemenid Persia: an Unsung Hero for History Teachers
Emily Shanahan, Roseville College
Years 11 – 12
2.7 Creating a Culture of Thinking
Sasha McDonald, Stretton State College, DETE QLD
Years 7 – 12
2.8 Flipping History – using tech in the history classroom
Simon Baker, Nuriootpa High School SA
Years 7 – 12

1.40pm – 2.30pm

3.1 A taxonomy for teachers and learning history
Dr Denis Mootz, HTANSW

Years 7 – 12
3.2 Making Masada Matter
Peter Ramm, Cedar’s Christian College, Wollongong NSW

Years 11 – 12
3.3 Teaching history in a blended-learning environment
Ashley Keith Pratt, Melbourne Girl’s Grammar School VIC

Years 9 – 12
3.4 Inquiring that’s Exciting for Teachers and Students Alike
Dr Rosalie Triolo, Monash University VIC

Years 7 – 10
3.5 Differentiation and Engagement in Stage 6 Assessment and Teaching
Lisa O’Neill, St Marys Senior High School NSW

Years 7 – 12
3.6 Writing Historical Fiction to Develop Historical Literacy and Empathy
Peter McHugh and Anna McHugh, Presbyterian Ladies’ College NSW

Years 7 – 12
3.7 What’s Wat Tyler got to do with me? The Peasants Revolt
Lauren Nitschke, Marian College Ararat VIC

Year 8 


Teaching the Stories – the importance of life BEFORE the Holocaust
Crystal Weiringa, WA

Years 10 – 12

2.40pm – 3.30pm

4.1 The Core and More
Dr Bruce Dennett, Notre Dame NSW
Years 11 – 12
4.2 Learning Through Discussion and Disagreement
Christopher Bradbury, The King’s School, Parramatta NSW

Years 11 – 12
4.3 Literacy and History: Encouraging Reluctant Writers
Kate Cameron, NSWHTA

Years 7 – 10
4.4 Black Mist Burnt Country. Testing the Bomb. Maralinga and Australian Art
JD (Jan Dirk) Mittmann, Burrinja Cultural Centre
4.5 Trove for your students: Accessing and using primary sources
Catriona Bryce, National Library of Australia

Years 7-12
4.6 Engaging History: Teaching the Polynesian expansion
Ren Downing, Alaress VIC

Year 8
4.7 Enhancing the teaching of the Industrial Revolution through biography
Lorna Fleetwood, Canberra Steiner School

Years 8 – 9
4.8 Must our Overview be a timeline on the Wall?
Dr Stephen Powell, Merici College ACT

Years 9 – 12


10.45am – 11.35am

5.1 Panel Discussion – Rise of new nationalism in Asia Professor Gavan McCormack – College of Asia and the Pacific ANU, Dr Andrew Kennedy – Crawford School of Public Policy ANU and Professor Edward Aspinall – College of Asia and the Pacific ANU
5.2 Who do You Think You Are? The Humanities and the science of Being Social
Maree Whiteley, Association of Independent Schools WA (AISWA), Primary Education Consultant

11.45am – 12.35pm

6.1 Interactions: Decolonisation, Cold War and Indonesian National History
Sharon Champagne NSW

Years 11 – 12
6.2 Improving students’ academic writing
Sally Johnstone, Loyola Senior HS, Mt Druitt NSW

Years 11 – 12
6.3 Choose your own adventure: our stories from the past
Maree Whitely, Association of Independent Schools WA

Years F – 6
6.4 Transferrable skillsets: Teaching children to think in the Humanities
Dr Andrew Lee, Geography Teachers’ Assoc. NSW

Years 5 – 8
6.5 Knowledge v Skills: A Shifting Balance
Dr Paul Kiem, HTANSW

Years 7 – 12
6.6 The 10% Summary in the History classroom
Troy Edwards, Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

Year 8
6.7 How critical are you? Assessing student historical thinking
Dr Aïda McLeod, Brisbane School of Distance Education

Year 8
6.8 Playing the Past – video games in the History classroom.
Simon Baker, Nuriootpa High School SA

Years 7 – 12

1.40pm – 2.30pm

7.1 Civil Rights – going beyond the syllabus
Bernie Howitt, HTANSW

Years 11 – 12
7.2 The Roman Games: Moving beyond ‘Gladiator’
David Posker Hill,St Ignatius’ College Riverview NSW

Years 11
7.3 People Power and Perspectives in a Practically Digital History Classroom
Robin McKean, WA Digital Technologies, WA

Years 4 – 12
7.4 Using Empathy to Teach Upper Primary Australian History
Nick Adeney, St Michael’s Grammar School (VIC), HTAV

Years 5 – 6
7.5 The Partition of India: Midnight’s Children, Midnight’s Furies
Christopher Tidyman, Loreto Kirribilli – Sydney NSW

Years 11 – 12
7.6 “Pedagogy, Power and ‘Engaged’ History”
Dr Chris Kenna, Hawker College ACT

Years 7 – 12
7.7 Exploring History Through a Student Created Museum Exhibition
Karen McPherson, ACTHTA

Years 4 – 10
7.8 Parliament of Australia
Angela Casey, Sarah Langford, Parliamentary Education Office

Years 5 – 10

2.40pm – 3.30pm

8.1 Changing World Order: From Europe, to US, to You
Anne Gripton, St Pius X, Chatswood NSW

Years 11 – 12
8.2 Teaching ‘The Nuclear Age 1945-2011’
Dr Daryl Le Cornu, Australian Catholic University ACT
Years 11 – 12
8.3 Memorials, Medals and Memories
Elizabeth Allen, Department of Veterans’ Affairs ACT

Years F – 6
8.4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Military Service: Challenging National Narratives?
A/Professor Noah Riseman, Australian Catholic University, VIC
Years  7 – 12, tertiary
8.5 Big History and Inclusive Education – Connecting a school to the world
Hayden Brown, Broome Senior High School WA

Years 7 – 12
8.6 The Schools of Chernoby
Billy Penfold, Student Educational Adventures SA

Years 11 – 12
8.7 Whatever you do, don’t say HASS is boring!!!
Catherine Baron, HTAWA

Years 5 – 8
8.8 A history of greater Australia: the archaeological story of 15 amazing places
Dr Duncan White, Australian National University ACT


SESSION 9 – External Sessions
11.00am – 12.30pm

9.1 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIA: Effective Use of Varied Sources in Teaching History Professor Bruce Scates.  Program from the NMA Education Team
9.2 AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL: A Centenary of Scholarship: Australia and the First World War in 100 years’ of writing Dr Meleah Hampton.  Program with the AWM Education Team
9.3 NATIONAL GALLERY OF AUSTRALIA: The National Picture: The art of Tasmania’s Black War Tim Bonyhady.  Tour of the NGA with the Director Nick Mitzevich
9.4 NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY: Image and text: more than the sum of their parts Dr Sarah Engledow. Program with NPG Education Team
9.5 MUSEUM OF AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRACY: What makes a great political cartoon? A hands-on workshop and curated tour of the Behind the Lines 2017 exhibition
9.6 NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE: Indigenous Representation on Screen: Tracking the Changing Shape of Stories of Aboriginal Australians through cinema Anne MacKay, Education Manager
9.7 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: ‘Cook and the Pacific’: The Library’s foundation collections, First Nations peoples, and Europeans Ben Pratten, Education Manager.  Explore the landmark exhibition ‘Cook and the Pacific’ with co-curator Dr Susannah Helman